Monday, October 20

Seeking "Funeral Food" History
Kathleen Purvis, a food journalist in Charlotte, N.C., is working on a book on funeral food in America. She needs information on funeral food history, including estate inventories, journals or letters that list foods served; family stories; or recipes. She's also looking for families that still do cemetery cleanings, and members of active burial societies. Reply to, or (704) 358-5236, or
at 1222 Chandler Place, Charlotte, NC 28211.

Monday, October 13

2003 Symposium: First Flashback (West Virginia Swiss)
This from Symposium presenter Sally Schneider, who spoke about the Swiss cultural enclave of Helvetia, West Virginia. "To get info about events or visiting, make Beekeeper Inn or restaurant reservations or order the original Helvetia cookbook contact Eleanor Mailloux, Hutte Restaurant, Helvetia WV26224. (Phone 304-924-6435.)" You can also visit or for additional information. Photo by Larry Smith, ETSU.

Monday, October 6

2003 Southern Foodways Symposium: Lifetime Achievement
With another Symposium behind us, we start off our post-conference coverage with an homage to John Egerton, the recipient of this year's SFA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Click to see images from the award presentation and to read the dedication by New Orleans writer Lolis Eric Elie. Many thanks to those who made such a wonderful gathering possible.
Photo by Larry Smith, ETSU.