Wednesday, March 30

SFA asks, "What are Tights?"

A friend from Marianna, Florida, has a 1930's Bainbridge Georgia restaurant menu from a restaurant owned and operated by his father and aunt. Among the items listed was "Tights" at 5 cents each, the same price as a hot dog and in the same menu location. Any idea what tights are? We don't know! Please e-mail if you think you have an answer. Thanks for any assistance you may offer. --Mal Greenfield

Tuesday, March 22

SFA Seeks Sweet Artwork

Looking forward to our fall symposium, we seek art that celebrates sugar and sweetness. Won't you be so kind as to suggest an artist or artwork?

Things to know: Ideally, the artist works in the Southern vernacular. We prefer painting to photography. And we like bright colors. Usually, we buy the painting--and the right to reproduce it--from the artist and then sell the work at the symposium to cover costs. But we're open to other arrangements.

Take a look at and click on individual years to see some of our past selections.

And then, by April 15, send your suggestions to Include, if you are able, the artist's web site, a museum web site, or an image of a particular artwork.

Thursday, March 10

Center for American Culinary Research Opens

Registration information is now available online for the dedication of the Longone Center for American Culinary Research and the First Biennial Symposium on American Culinary History, scheduled May 13-15, 2005. Opening in May, the Center at the University of Michigan is a premier resource for the scholarly study of American culinary history, covering all regions and aspects of foodways.
Further details are available at

Thursday, March 3

Hot Boudin!

Headed to Louisiana to learn about sweets on our field trip this summer? Well, you might also want to check out some other foods, too. Like boudin. Boy, it's good. And there's a website that you can visit to read all about how it's made and the best places to find it. Check it out online at