Monday, May 29


30,000 dollars from last month's James Beard Awards are earmarked for the Willie Mae rebuild effort! Problem is, that still leaves us more than 100,000 dollars to go. For the latest from New Orleans, read Brooks Hamaker's article in Offbeat:

And check out the Miami Herald piece from May 27:

Tuesday, May 16


The Florida's Forgotten Coast Oral History Project pays homage to the men and women who have long worked the water, tonging for oysters, casting nets for shrimp and fish, and cultivating soft-shell crabs. People have drawn their livelihoods from the Apalachicola Bay and surrounding waters for generations, but their way of life is changing. These people tell stories of the days when schools of mullet were thick in the water and when tupelo honey was a local find, not a Hollywood star. More than fish tales and folklore, these are the stories of the men and women who have depended on the Apalachicola Bay for generations. They are stories from Florida's Forgotten Coast.

Click on the link above to go to the interviews.

Monday, May 15


SFA member, Amanda Dew Manning and her husband, Robert, have published the first issue of Edible Lowcountry, a publication dedicated to celebrating the abundance of Lowcountry foods, season by season. Robert and Amanda hope to transform the way Lowcountry residents shop for, cook, eat and appreciate local food. Through the magazine and its companion website, consumers are connected with local growers, producers, retailers, chefs, artisans and food-based community organizations.

Edible Lowcountry is a quarterly publication. For more information, call toll free: 877-SCTASTE, or visit

Wednesday, May 10


Lee Bros. Boiled Peanut Hour--sixty minutes of live, totally uncensored southern food talk radio--debuts nationwide this Friday at 10AM EST on Channel 112 (Martha Stewart Living radio) on the Sirius satellite network. SFA's favorite brothers, Matt and Ted Lee, will be taking calls, y'all. Open season. The first topic is Pacific-deep: boiled peanuts.

If you don't subscribe to Sirius (home to Howard Stern, on Channel 100) you can still listen everyone is encouraged to phone in with a helpful hint, self-serving question or rude flameout, entirely toll-free: 866-675-6675.

The following week's show is all about southern cookbooks, and will be recorded live from the Book Expo America conference in Washington. Future shows--recorded from Charleston or Harlem--will tackle more hackle-raising subjects like pie crust, country ham, regional soft drinks, Southern food misconceptions, stewed cabbage, hot pepper cultivation and corn grits (yellow or white?).

Like "Car Talk," this fraternal chatter should be entertaining and informative, even for those who don't own or operate smoked ham hocks. We hope you'll listen in!