Wednesday, December 3


Rolled oysters. Photo by Amy C. Evans.

In 1884 Phillip Mazzoni opened Mazzoni's, a tavern on Third and Market streets in downtown Louisville. Along with beer, Phillip sold a few items to augment his business: hot dogs, boiled eggs, and the iconic Louisville bar food, rolled oysters. As far as anyone knows, the Mazzoni family originated the rolled oyster: a trio of a few bivalves rolled in a thick breading and then fried. When Prohibition hit in 1919, beer stopped flowing from the taps, and rolled oysters took center stage. Other items were added, including hot tamales, which first appeared on the menu in 1921. Over the years, Mazonni's Cafe has had a few different locations. In early 2008 fifth-generation owner, Greg Haner, moved the family restaurant to its fourth location on Louisville's east side. After less than a year in operation at the new location, Greg was forced to close the doors of his family's century-old tradition.

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