Friday, June 14

A Spoken Dish Explores Cooking, Family, and Community

Eleven-year-old Osha Love Lowery of Jackson, MS, is one of the voices in A Spoken Dish.
It’s a simple question: What food tradition in your life reflects time or place or evokes a specific memory?

In interviews throughout the South, Whole Foods documentarian Kate Medley asked this question of farmers, home cooks, professional chefs, writers, artists, and children. The resulting project, A Spoken Dish, captures heartfelt stories about a wide range of subjects including the Civil Rights Movement, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Migration, traditional hog killings, magic pickling rocks, Southern spaetzle, paw paws, gumbo, and more.

A joint endeavor from Georgia Organics, the SFA, and Whole Foods Market, A Spoken Dish is a storytelling project dedicated to celebrating and documenting food memories and rituals from people across the South.

We invite you to visit A Spoken Dish, where you can watch the first 20 of these stories right now. More will be rolling out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for news right here on the SFA blog. We also invite you to share your own food stories on social media with the hashtag #aspokendish—click here for more information.

Below, watch Geno Lee, the fourth-generation owner of the Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Mississippi, talk about his restaurant's connection to civil rights history. It's a timely story: earlier this week (June 12) was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights Medgar Evers of Jackson, Mississippi.