Thursday, June 13

New Greenhouse Film: Prairie Farming

We are pleased to share a new Greenhouse film with you. Prairie Farming is a portrait of a rice, soybean, and crawfish farm outside of Eunice, Louisiana, narrated by third-generation farmer Luke Duplechin.

Budding filmmaker Carly Viator is proud to put her Cajun heritage on the big screen:

I was born to a Cajun family in a small town north of Nashville, TN. Music and nature have always been something our parents kept us close to. We relocated to their homeland of south Louisiana in 2009 and I have been captivated by the culture. It has inspired to learn French and more about the history, food, etc., which led me to explore other cultures, as well. I am graduating in December from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with an emphasis on television and film production. Most of my work gravitates towards music, culture, nature, and the simple pleasures in life. I hope to continue creating and travel as much as possible. 
If you're hungry for more—and we bet you will be—visit the SFA's Vimeo page to watch all of our short films. These include the four new Greenhouse Films (five more are on the way!) as well as more than 30 short films by SFA filmmaker Joe York.